Manuel Barberis

Eternal learner, project creator and entrepreneur.

Ready to try to change the world one person at a time. I believe that we can all be independent and free, but not all of us know how. Our odyssey is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be everything they want to be and if they don’t know it, discover it.

Carolina Bertoni

Communications and media expert, teacher at heart.

I fervently believe that knowledge is power, and after more than 12 years at Google sharing the mission of making it accessible and more than 10 years teaching classes at different universities, I am embarking on my own odyssey: transforming the education we know, so that prepare us for a future we do not know

Kevin Chochlac

Entrepreneur motivated by the path of virtue and social impact.

Professional passionate about the development of sustainable digital communities and companies. After co-founding Locos X el Asado and co-launching Tastemade Español, my odyssey leads me to seek and bring valuable tools that empower and optimize the life of each human, their communities and the environment.