Love and Fear Masterclass with Agni Zotis

“Life is an artwork. The canvas is the realm of infinite possibilities where one gets to express, create and even destroy their masterpiece. In establishing in our highest self of love, through a meditative practice and resolving trauma we thrive and design a life with purpose, fulfilment and happiness”.

The following is a 7 minute video masterclass reflecting on the power of our very primal emotions, Love and Fear.

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    Know Thyself in Love and Fear Masterclass

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Meditation teacher & Artist

Agni Zotis

Agni Zotis is a meditation teacher, professional artist, mother, and founder of MAY Kids Transform. She has empowered thousands of people globally with applicable tools for stress management and community building by fostering self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and creative process. A New Yorker with Greek roots, she travelled extensively, and studied with masters from the East and West seeking the meaning of life. Her teachings are based in ancient knowledge made to reflect contemporary times, rooted in Vedic wisdom, Western philosophy, and supported by epigenetics and neuroscience. “Our reality is created by our perception, shaped by our belief system. Our belief system is shaped by our thoughts, our thoughts are shaped by our emotions, and our emotions shape our actions. All my work is inspired by the transformation of energy, evolution of self and personal growth.”

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Know Thyself in Love and Fear is a 4 hour program, including 9 video lessons with talks, contemplations and meditations that will help you connect with your emotions