“Like a seed, human life has the potential to grow and blossom fully if given the right resources”.

The Program

Know Thyself in Love and Fear is created with love for you to help you move from the state of fear into the powerful state of love during these very challenging and uncertain times.

I felt the need to create this program while in lockdown living in the middle of Manhattan and witnessing the world around me transform. The program cultivates awareness, expands consciousness, fosters emotional intelligence by building coherency of mind and heart which are our thoughts and emotions, directing our actions. Life is a result of cause and effect made by our decisions. Meditation and visualization can help us understand our minds and emotions and empower our choices to co-create our reality. We can rewire our brains by creating new pathways according to neuroscience. We will contemplate what makes us fearful. Together we will move through fear and into love, the antidote, therefore shifting from survival mode to thrive mode.

What you'll learn

Together in this program we will take a journey within our own being. We will contemplate our emotional states and dive deep into relaxation through meditation to connect to our higher self, that is pure love. The more still and silent the mind becomes, the more bliss it feels. As the harmonious experience builds into a practice and a habit within ourselves we are able to bring the harmony with us in our daily life. Through the practice we become more resilient and resourceful to handle challenges, manage fear and stress, maintain our health and heal our bodies, moving forward to a reality we desire in abundance.

  • You will build a meditative practice, cultivate self-awareness, expand your consciousness. Doing this process you will gain benefits for the body, mind and spirit as a whole. We will focus on the experience of relaxation effortlessly through thematic individually designed guided meditations and movements of energy within the body and within the environment.

  • You will learn about belief systems and how our perception shapes our view of the world. Our belief systems create our thoughts, our thoughts create our emotions, and our emotions create our actions. Adapting nonjudgmental awareness, we will learn to focus on what we love instead of what we don’t, in order to nurture desired outcomes and become an active participant in our own lives. Where focus goes energy flows.

  • Using deep meditation along with visualization you will learn to establish in your highest self and be able to tap into your peak performance. Choosing to improve and control our emotional states, training our brains to work for us in love rather than against us in fear, we will create the now and the future that truly matters to us, instead of being stuck in the past powerless and victimized with anger and sadness. Together we will move from fear, anxiety, stress and pain to love, enthusiasm, joy, and gratitude.

Meet your Instructor

Agni Zotis

Meditation teacher & Artist

Agni Zotis

Agni Zotis is a meditation teacher, professional artist, mother, and founder of MAY Kids Transform. She has empowered thousands of people globally with applicable tools for stress management and community building by fostering self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and creative process. A New Yorker with Greek roots, she travelled extensively, and studied with masters from the East and West seeking the meaning of life. Her teachings are based in ancient knowledge made to reflect contemporary times, rooted in Vedic wisdom, Western philosophy, and supported by epigenetics and neuroscience. “Our reality is created by our perception, shaped by our belief system. Our belief system is shaped by our thoughts, our thoughts are shaped by our emotions, and our emotions shape our actions. All my work is inspired by the transformation of energy, evolution of self and personal growth.” www.agnizotis.com www.maykidstransform.org

What's in this program?

The full online meditation program includes unlimited access to 8 video lessons, with talks and meditations. A 4 hour long course, that you can take at your own pace and retake everytime you want.

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from your instructor Agni Zotis

    • 3 things you will need before we start

    • Quick survey

  • 2

    Love and Fear

    • Love and fear

    • Breath: Our life force

  • 3


    • Vulnerability

    • Contemplation

  • 4


    • Loss

    • Contemplation

  • 5


    • Loneliness

    • Contemplation

  • 6

    Order and Chaos

    • Order and Chaos

    • Contemplation

  • 7

    Sensitivity and Sensibility

    • Sensitivity and sensibility

    • Contemplation

  • 8

    States of Emotion

    • States of Emotion

    • Contemplation

  • 9

    I am

    • I am

    • Contemplation

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Master your practice

    • Before you go...

Know Thyself in Love and Fear

Albert Einstein said, “the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe”.

You can become the master of your universe and create the life you want by shifting your thoughts and emotions!


Life is art

The canvas is the realm of infinite possibilities where one gets to express, create and even destroy their masterpiece. In establishing in our highest self of love, through a meditative and gratitude practice we thrive and design a life with purpose, fulfilment and happiness

About Love

Love is a powerful state, activating the parasympathetic nervous system which lights up the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain evolved mainly for decision making and personality. Activating this part of the brain moves the body towards homeostasis, promoting healing and wellness. Many feel-good hormones flood our body including dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. When these hormones are released studies show a decrease in stress and anxiety levels, and enhanced capabilities of social behaviours and coping mechanisms to different emotions. Connectivity, empathy, compassion, better decision making and overall psychological stability are promoted by this pathway.

About Fear

Fear is a primal state, activating the sympathetic nervous system directing the body into survival mode. Survival has served its evolutionary purpose by keeping us alive in the wilderness and protecting us from dangerous threats. A part of the brain called the amygdala is a prehistoric part of our brain shared by all mammals and when activated it releases hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline. These provoke us to fight, play dead, or take flight. It is a valuable evolutionary tool when needed for survival in a dangerous setting in order to stay safe but when it is the constant emotional state in this modern world, it can blind decision making, adds stress, anxiety, and weakens the immune system.

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Love and Fear